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[Jun. 21st, 2005|11:09 am]
Random Thoughts & Random Connections



~*~ 100's of Magazines ADDED!! Trades Accepted!! ~*~

(Click Here to see 100's of Magazines Available) - Only 75¢ Each

Email:lovely2bme@optonline.net - Email:lovely2bme@optonline.net - When requesting please provide your zip code so I can calculate shipping costs. I accept PayPal (NO debit or credit card payments), e-checks, well concealed Cash, Money Order, or Checks. Thanks for looking!!

I received my FREE iPod today from the free iPod offers that everyone has seen!! Now I wanna get a FREE FlatScreen TV!! Complete a referral for me and get $30 PayPal from me as a Thank You Gift!!

All it takes is 2 easy steps:

1. Sign up at the site by clicking this link: http://www.flatscreens4free.com/default.aspx?r=411097 This is very important: Once you click on the link & enter your name, address & email on the site - email me at lovely2bme@optonline.net with your email address to make sure it went thru.  Once I email you back that it went thru then go to step two.

2. Complete an offer. Once your offer goes through (turns green) then you'll get $30 Paypal!!

That's it!! 

Then is the one I want -->     I know 3 people who already have gotten theirs and want one too!!

Email me or post on my LJ with any questions: lovely2bme@optonline.net

(I'm offering the $30 to the first 5 people who complete the offer so please hurry if you want the $30 for yourself!!)

***Please DO NOT forget to email me BEFORE completing the offer!!***  THANK YOU!!